Dragomir Lukac

Work Experience: Scientific research in field of Animal Breeding and Genetics, application of modern technologies in Livestock. Practical exercise with students on BSc and MSc courses of Animal Science, Veterinary medicine and Organic Agriculture in subjects: Animal genetics, Veterinary genetics, Animal Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology in Animal, Quantitative genetics, Theory of Animal Breeding and genetics.Education: PhD in Animal Science - Quantitative Genetics and Animal Breeding - Cattle Breeding.Title of the thesis: Effect of genetic polymorphism of milk proteins and their association with productive traits of dairy cows in the genomic selection. Master Studies of Animal Science - Animal Breeding and Genetics.Title of the thesis: Genetic and phenotypic parameters of litter size in pigs mating in pure breed and crossing Bachelor Studies of Animal Science.Title of the thesis: Reproductive performance of gilts and sows of higher parity.Use a number of computer programs and software in the field of biometrics, statistics, quantitative genetics and animal breeding which aim management of livestock production. In the course of professional and scientific activity deals with the improvement of livestock production, quantitative genetic analyzes of economically important traits in domestic animals.Molecular and quantitative genetic analysis of economically important traits in domestic animals, use of linear mixed models to assess the breeding value of farm animals, selection of domestic animals.