A Palynological Review for Some Species of Family Boraginaceae Juss. from the Egyptian Flora

M. A. Kamel, Azza M. H. El Hadidy, Sohair T. Hamed, Nagwa R. A. Hussein

Page: 1-16
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Effect of Rice yellow mottle virus, Sobemovirus on the Contents of N P K Ca and Mg in Leaves of Infected Rice

N’doua Bertrand Guinagui, Fatogoma Sorho, Sanogo Souleymane, Brahima Koné, Daouda Koné

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Oil Yield and Quality Different Varieties of Indian Mustard (Brassica juncea L.) as Influenced by Organic Manures and Biofertilisers

Obida Beenish, Eugenia P. Lal

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Field Evaluation of Some Cassava Cultivars against the African Cassava Mosaic Disease in the Humid Forests of Cameroon

A. Mogo, J. Fomekong Nopogwo, E. L. Ngonkeu Mangaptche, R. Ghogomu Tamouh, E. Temgoua, Fotso ., Noé Woin, J. Djeugap Fovo, M. Yemefack, M. Tene Thierry, D. Fotio, Hanna Rachid

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Incidence of Plant Viral Disease Symptoms and Their Transmission Agents in Dutsin-Ma Metropolis

A. A. Bem, M. Toryila, T. M. Anakaa, J. B. Orpin

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