Prof. Jamal M. Abo Omar

Jamal M. ABO OMAR, Ruminants feeding expert, Agriculture Engineering Expert, consultant. Education : DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ANIMAL NUTRITION. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. Fall 1989. Major: Animal Nutrition. Concentration of courses: Animal Production, Biochemistry. Doctoral Dissertation: "Methane Losses by Steers Fed Ionophores Singly or Alternatively". MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ANIMAL SCIENCE. Texas A and M university. Texas, USA. Fall, 1982 Major: Animal Nutrition. Concentration of courses: Animal Production. BACHELOR OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan. June, 1979. Qualifications: Professor Abo Omar has more than 29 years experience as a Researcher, Consultant, and Agricultural Engineering Expert. He has comprehensive Broad knowledge in the fields of agriculture in general (rural communities) and animal sector and related sciences. Performed research and projects in the fields of RURAL DEVELOPMENT, SMALL RUMINANTS FEED BLOCKS, ANIMAL FEEDING, RATION FORMULATION AND NATIONAL UTILIZATION OF AGRO-INDUSTRIAL BY-PRODUCTS IN LIVESTOCK RATIONS. SERVED AS CONSULTANT FOR SEVERAL LOCAL FEED FACTORIES. A good experience in monitoring and evaluation of emergency and regular projects for the benefit of poor communities. Got a Ph.D. from the Department of Animal Sciences, Colorado State University in 1989. Served as Director of the An Najah National University. Rural research Center, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture at An-Najah National University. Currently he is a Professor at the Department of Animal Production, and chairman of the Master of Science Program in Animal Production, at An-Najah National University. Active member of the Palestinian Agricultural Research Center Board of Trustees (Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture).