Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh

I am currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at SHANGHAI CENTRE For PLANT STRESS BIOLOGY under Shanghai, in Plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria Group with Dr Huiming zhang. I did my PhD in 2015 from CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresources Palampur, HP, INDIA in Lifesciences. My master was in Agricultural Biotechnology from CSKHPKV palampur, India. I obtained my Bachelors degree in Agriculture from Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, India. I have been working on medicinal plants to decipher its evolutionary biodiversity. Latter on I worked in the area of molecular biology to deciher the molecular mechanisms underlying the reproductive success of plants including Functional genomics, transcription factors, promoter characterization using cytology as well as other advanced biotechnological tools. Presently I am working in deciphering the molecular mechanisms to regulate plant growth promotion and stress by microbial volatiles. I am more interested in identifying the potential key problems of modern agriculture and deciphering its molecular cues.