Genetic Structure and Nucleotide Sequences of Three Productivity Trait Genes, in Egyptian Buffalo

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Othman E. Othman
Ahmed Abou-Eisha
Adel E. El-Din
Nadia A. Abo El-Maaty


One of the main sources of meat and milk in Egypt is buffalo, of river type. The marker assisted selection-depending on the promised genetic markers is considered to be the effective way for improvement of buffalo productivity. This work aimed to study the genetic structure and nucleotide sequences of three productivity genes namely; LGB, PIT-1, and POUF-1 in Egyptian buffalo. This study is performed by using genomic DNA, which was extracted from 100 female buffaloes. The DNA extracts were subjected to PCR by using some specific primers of the tested genes. The PCR products were digested with dedicated restriction enzymes like; HaeIII for LGB and HinfI for both PIT-1 and POUF-1 genes. Depending on the appearance of restriction sites in the amplified fragments; GG^CC for LGB/HaeIII and G^AATC for both PIT-1/HinfI and POUF-1/HinfI, digestion results also showed accordingly with the appearance like three, two and four digested fragments for LGBPIT-1 and POUF-1, respectively. As a result, the three tested productivity genes are found to be monomorphic in Egyptian buffalo with BB genotype. The nucleotide sequences of this genotype were submitted to GenBank under the accession numbers like JQ308794 (LGB), JQ885688 (PIT-1) and JQ885689 (POUF-1) respectively. As a conclusion, it can be said that irrespective of monomorphic genetic structure present in assessed DNA sequences of the Egyptian buffaloes, which ensures the production of good quality meat and milk, but still crossbreeds are highly needed for the betterment of the productivity.

LGB, PIT-1, POUF-1, PCR-RFLP, Buffalo.

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E. Othman, O., Abou-Eisha, A., E. El-Din, A., & El-Maaty, N. (2018). Genetic Structure and Nucleotide Sequences of Three Productivity Trait Genes, in Egyptian Buffalo. Annual Research & Review in Biology, 22(5), 1-8.
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