Dr. Gulsen Meral

Dr. Gulsen Meral, is a renowned Turkish Pediatrician, got her Medical License under the recognition of Istanbul University on 1994 and Pediatrician License on 2001 from the same Whereas, Dr. Meral also got her licence as a hospital administrator in the year of 2007 under the supervision of Beykent University. Being a server of Health care system, she took her first opportunity as a general practioner in Tokat Sulusaray, Primary Health Care Center from 1994-1996, she remained a residential worker for the Department of Physiology at University of Istanbul(1996-1997). After that she became a professional pediatrician of Hamidiye Sisli Etfal Research and Education Hospital,Ayazaga Community Center and practised there from 2001-2006.In the year of 2006 she became the Deputy chief physician of the same research and education hospital.She also held the post of chief physician at Sariyer Ismail Akgun State Hospital from 2007-2008,then she get a chance to associate her name with Kagithane State Hospital as a chief physician,where later she became the directior of the same hospital. Dr. Meral was a respectable lecturer at various organizations as she delivers talks regarding the several sensible issues like growth and mental developement of the children,psycho-social aspects in chid growth and well being etc to empower her junior collegues. She also have numerous publications and research articles at various eminent journals.