Prof. Lucas Petigrosso

Lucas Ricardo Petigrosso is currently an assistant Professor of Ecology in Faculty of Agrarian Science of the National University of Mar del Plata (FCA-UNMdP), Argentina. He received a B.S. degree in Agricultural (2011) and MSc in Crop Production (2015) from FCA-UNMdP. He has done research on how the various ecological factors influence in the process of transmission of the asymptomatic endophytic fungi in grasses such as tall fescue. This information is indispensable to facilitate the management of symbiosis in productive contexts. He is Associate Editor of Phyton (International Journal of Experimental Botany). He currently is also an editorial board member of Journal of Biotechnology Research and Reviewer of various Journals. He is an evaluator in Science and Technology Fair; major Professor B.S. Thesis in FCA-UNMdP; author and Co-author of publications in refereed scientific journals, Proceedings of National and International Congress.